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About Us

Salus Innovations is a recent Startup in the medical field. We incorporated in the summer of 2016 by a group of engineering graduates with the aim to develop a soft exomuscular device that will help patients with walking disabilities achieve a normal walking cycle. The device will be able to improve the rehabilitation process for stroke, MS, peroneal nerve damage, and other associated neurological disorders. We are dedicated to providing patients with the opportunity to experience life without discomfort, through innovative technology.

Our Passion

Our passion to develop innovative and in depth solutions drives us to provide technology that expands our current limitations. In our fields of focus we challenge conventional solutions to common problems where society is not satisfied, to provide technologies that go beyond the current standard of care.

The WalkExcelle

We are currently working with patients, physiotherapists, and product designers to complete the development of our device. The WalkExcelle is a soft exomuscular device that works in harmony with the muscles to help them fulfil their functions with less energy.

Improve Range of Motion

The WalkExcelle has the capability to increase range of motion for patients with limited mobility and restore their normal walking cycle.

Reduce Muscle Effort

The WalkExcelle is based on a proven technique used by physiotherapists to rehabilitate patients with drop foot. This method reduces the required muscle effort to assist mobility.

Wear it subtle

Based on patient feedback, the WalkExcelle was designed to remain inconspicuous, while allowing users to perform daily activities.

One for all

Over 70 million North American’s suffer from nerve damage and other neurological disorders that inhibits their ability to walk. Our aging populations is at an increased risk of experiencing these same complications.
"This device proves to be helpful in retaining clients who are limited in lower extremity strength and control. Provides proprioceptive feedback in the hip, knee, and ankle to achieve normal gait pattern." - Kathleen Penner, P.T.

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